Fleming Fish Farm and Hatchery
Our fish hatchery is located in Faison,North Carolina. We have ponds and 4 hatchery buildings with with over 200 tanks that we raise Koi, largemouth bass, bream, catfish for pond stocking making us one of the largest hatchery facilities in NC.
Our main focus is on the Koi at this time.
This farm was built in 1982 by Dr.William "Doc" Lewis, a leader and pioneer in aquaculture for years. He owned and operated this farm until 2006. Doc still lived next door untill his passing a few years ago. He volunteered his knowledge whenever needed.

Koi and Butterfly Koi
Our focus at our farm is on our Koi. We strive each year to improve by breeding for higher quality Koi.We offer these at well below the average breeder price. Our breeding stock is a mix of Japanese Imports and the fish that are produced from those breedings.
By early spring we usually have our koi tanks in the hatchery full of fish for sale.
We sell our koi retail and also wholesale for those who wish to buy in large quantity.

Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish
will be available mid summer

Pastured Chickens and Eggs
will be available this summer


Tamworth Pigs
A heritage breed. We have purebreed and a few Tamworth cross raised on pasture and in the woods, no hormones, no antibiotics are given to our pigs. We raise them as naturally as possible with supplement of organic vegetables. For the time being they will be sold live on the hoof and can be delivered to our local slaughter house at no charge. We hope to expand to our own farm store and sell products here.

Expansion: We are renovating our ponds so we hope to increase and improve our fish production.
We are hoping to add worm, mushroom, herb and produce to our farm in the near future.
We have a vision of a highly productive and self sustaining farm which can fill all your needs and ours in the future.

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